Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poll Number Two


This site will hopefully have a new poll each day. Today's is "What country is the biggest threat to world peace today ?" This question has been asked before by actual pollsters, and the worldwide response is usually "the USA". Molly is interested in seeing what her readers think. The question may be tricky ie several countries on the list are very likely to go to war in the near future. One, Israel, is at war at the present time. The EU and the USA might also qualify for their occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq. I think it revolved around the qualifier "world". Wars may be localized and are therefore not "world". Each of the countries listed has, in my opinion, the possibility of starting wars that would drag in others. One, the USA, is likely to start wars at many different points, with total disregard to their borders. What do you the reader think about this ?

Also, don't forget to leave any suggestions for future polls here.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This site is a development of Molly's Blog. Its serve as the host site for Mollymew's opinion surveys. The polls are listed to the left. Join in. Have fun. Make any suggestions for further polls here as a comment.