Saturday, March 14, 2009

Molly's latest poll asks, "What are the five most important things for anarchists today". I have tried to be as exhaustive as possible in the list. All items actually are things that anarchists do today and also feel are quite important. I have also tried to not let my own prejudices get in the way of making the list as complete as possible. In my view it ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime, with excursions into the inadvisable and the absolutely necessary. Despite this I am sure that I have missed more than one hobby horse in the listing. Feel free to comment here about what should be added.
The whole point of this is to try and get people to think "strategically". What should be the major focus of attention ? What should be given less attention ? What should be ignored entirely ?

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  1. Interesting poll. Most of the possibilities given were rational and part of mainstream anarchism. Interestingly enough, those that were not - "criticizing leftism" (code word for sectarianism), fomenting insurrection (code word for masochism and suicide) and anti-civilization (say no more) got very little support indeed. Though, of course this might be colored by the possibilities that the crazies don't read Molly's Blog.