Sunday, January 10, 2010

Freedom means different things to different people. It may be economic, personal or political. What sort of freedom a person thinks is important will undoubtedly influence what they consider "the freest country in the world". The various freedoms may be tied together, but they are not unified. A country, for instance, may have extensive "economic freedom for the business class" while being a repressive dictatorship in general and also severely limiting the 'economic freedom' of workers to struggle in their own self interest. China, of course, comes to mind.
Freedom is also not the same thing as "democracy". Switzerland is arguably the most democratic country in the world, but it is well behind many others in personal freedom, as the recent 'minaret vote' demonstrated. Neither is freedom the same thing as "equality", though the two are connected. The Scandinavian countries probably rank higher on some sort of "freedom scale" than say the USA because they are far more egalitarian and thus the "freedom to" is available to a far greater percentage of the population than in America. On the other hand there are unique things about the USA which lead one to say it is "freer" in other ways.
In any case the whole matter is quite arguable. Hence this poll. I've even added a couple of communist countries both for that tiny minority still deluded by same and for the amusement of civilized people. Then, of course, there is the "some other country" option for those who value one particular aspect of "freedom" or who have more geopolitical knowledge than I do. Feel free to write in what you mean ie "which one" as a comment on this post. Yes...we'll even accept 'Vatican City' here. this is, after all, a free speech zone.


  1. Molly, I have just found your blog and am putting you on my HUGE blog roll so I do not lose your excellent little blog. I have a fairly good readership so it might send a few more your way, but only time would tell.

    I found you because I was actually writing about the games something I have avoided ~ my sphere being less local and more international.

    Not that I am unaware of our Canadian politics but there are some very active bloggers in our country, and we struggle to open eyes to where the oppression is coming from. We know who is behind it all and why ~ and it ends up in our repression against the games or the persecution of Canadian students involved in anti semitism activities for daring to even utter the word "Palestinian".

    It is all oppression and NOT the country I grew up in. Anyhow just wanted to introduce myself. Smiles. We are all in this struggle together.

  2. Oops, I was going to compliment you on your great little polls. I do not believe there is any truly free country in the world, unless you have found a hidden niche in some paradise too far from civilization to be noticed.

    Canada is NOT free. We live under an increasingly Talmudized regime as does the States. The Zionist influence in most countries is horrific as we lose one freedom after another, it being done so slowly most people do not even know what is happening. David Icke refers to this as the "totalitarian tip toe".

    I am 11th generation Canadian and I know my ancestors did not come here to support what has been done to this land and people. I just know that the increasingly powerful Zionist influence in Canada is taking our rights away. I actually know too much about this,but this is not the forum for that.

    This same group originally took over Russia in the form of the Russian Bolshevik (Communist) Revolution. They have learned that one need not use violence to bring about their goals, just work from deep inside the system and rot it from within. Buy the politicians,infiltrate the educational systems and the legal and medical systems, replace them as much as can be done with your own to bring about change. One sees this in the U S of A, ancient Egypt, Rome, Venice, Great Britain, and at present America.

    They own from Canada to France on your list, having either shills (Harper and Kenney, Raye, Ignatieff, Martin, Chretien, MULRONEY, etc in their employ) or their own in power.

    Russia is the only country not on your list that has actually, under Putin, begun to take back their lives and their laws and expelled the thieves and banker and gangsters of this international mafia.

    The countries that oppose this group are quickly termed wild or evil or run by dictators. A dictator can be an evil type, but just as often in modern history, it has been a leader who dared put his people's interests ahead of the international (American) corporate agenda. But this track opens up more doors to conversation that I have time for now.

    The world looked to America as the "last bastion of freedom" but this is not so. Compared to Communist China (The ideal NWO according to the Rockefellers)The freedoms of the citizens of these countries are having their freedoms rapidly eroded ever since Bush signed the Noahide Legal System into the States. And the people still have no clue. They know something is broken but not quite what.

    Anyhow it is my opinion nowhere is free unless it is some secluded place far from civilization and the increasingly powerful NWO/Illuminati/Zionist agenda. If you find such a place, let me know, I will bring the marshmallows.

  3. To say the least I don't agree with the the obscessions of the poster above. Yet, as has been mentioned before over at Molly's blog I have yet to delete anything other than commercial spam. There is little point in argueing with this, but one thing DID strike me. This was the sheer stangeness of the attempt to turn the noun "Talmud" into a verb. If you don't think this is "strange" try the following out..."Biblicize", "Koranize", Bhagavatgitaize","AnalectsofConfuciusize", or, for the secular amongst us "OrigenofSpeciesize". Right now I'm reading Steven Pinker's 'The Stuff of Thought' about the probable evolutionary origin of language and its constraints on what we can say.
    My first language is, of course, English. I have a passing acquaintance with French and Spanish and a smattering of others such as Greek, Czech and Italian. I personally think, though I may be wrong that the English language is the GREATEST offender in the modern world of the fashion of turning nouns into verbs (parent->to parent, priority->to prioritize, etc.). What the term "Talmudize" reminds me of is how Pinker describes mistakes that children make when they try to apply the rules of a language outside of their applicable field. But, yeah I know, in some views of the world Pinker is "obviously" (cough,cough) a co-conspirator on the international Zionist, Illuminatist (sic) conspiracy. My God what a tiny little clockwork world.